Kombucha is a delicious, fermented drink that is rich in probiotics with a history dating back 2000 years. Our Live Kombucha is brewed by hand in small batch fermenters with organic ingredients, using traditional techniques passed down through the centuries.  Live Kombucha Brewing Company uses a blend of organic black tea, organic cane sugar and an organic kombucha culture called SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast).


With zero sugar in our raw, unflavoured kombucha and only a trace of sugar in our fruit flavoured kombuchas plus numerous beneficial properties, health conscious people everywhere are turning to kombucha to satisfy their thirst.

Why ‘US’ over ‘THEM’?


The foremost and prominent ways used by many brewers to make commercial bottled kombucha shelf stable are…


❌ Irradiation
❌ Pasteurisation
❌ Micro filtering
❌ Diluting


…or a combination of these methods.


Their finished product is a “kombucha drink” as many if not all of the valuable probiotics are either filtered out, missing or dead!


It’s still better for you than a fizzy sugar soft drink but why settle for that when you can have 100% Live Kombucha containing all the benefits kombucha can offer.


There are many articles online you can read about health benefits of kombucha if you wish to know more.

We do not use synthetic fruit and berry essences for our flavours.


Our flavours are of the finest quality, using all natural dried fruit and berry juices. They are slow dried using a proprietary heat transfer technology to gently remove moisture. This technique preserves the natural colour, flavour and nutrition that would otherwise be lost due to overheating. It is our preferred method of flavouring rather than adding fresh juice (like many do), so not to dilute the probiotic benefit yet still achieve a big bold taste.


Live Kombucha has…


No Artificial Food Colouring


No Artificial Flavour


No Preservatives

Heard enough? Simply select your 9x bottles from the flavours below and follow the payment prompts.


It is important to understand that due to the live probiotics, all 9x bottles must be kept refrigerated.


FREE delivery for a limited time only!

Raw & Natural (12-Pack)

$54.00 $4.5 p/bottle

Behold, our Raw and Natural Kombucha, a refreshing plunge into Mother Nature’s own carbonated creation.


Lemon & Ginger (12-Pack)

$54.00 $4.5 p/bottle

Introducing our Lemon and Ginger Kombucha, where zesty lemons and fiery ginger tango in a bubbly symphony.


Blood Orange & Mango (12-Pack)

$54.00 $4.5 p/bottle

Where zesty citrus and tropical mango collide in a fruity fiesta!


Super Berries (12-Pack)

$54.00 $4.5 p/bottle

An all-star cast of berries unite in a quirky flavor extravaganza. It’s like a superhero team-up for your taste buds.


Cranberry & Pomegranate (12-Pack)

$54.00 $4.5 p/bottle

Sip a quirky fusion where cranberries and pomegranates mingle in harmony. It’s like a tangy tango for your taste buds.


Live Kombucha is for you if you want the freshest and tastiest Kombucha….that’s also really good for you!


Live Kombucha Brewing Company
Proud manufacturer of Live Kombucha
“Purveyors of Healthy Culture”

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