Why ‘US’ over ‘THEM’?


Due to the many issues that arise from making bottled kombucha shelf stable, we only keg our live Kombucha. Therefore, refrigeration is all that’s needed to put our live kombucha culture into a dormant state that’s ready to drink, saving you money whilst providing a superior product.


The foremost and prominent ways used by many brewers to make commercial bottled kombucha shelf stable are…


❌ Irradiation
❌ Pasteurisation
❌ Micro filtering
❌ Diluting


…or a combination of these methods.


Their finished product is a “kombucha drink” as many if not all of the valuable probiotics are either filtered out, missing or dead!


It’s still better for you than a fizzy sugar soft drink but why settle for that when you can have 100% Live Kombucha containing all the benefits kombucha can offer.


There are many articles online you can read about health benefits of kombucha if you wish to know more.

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