Why ‘US’ over ‘THEM’?


Remember that store-bought Kombucha you recently purchased? You know, the one proudly displayed on the supermarket shelf for weeks on end, claiming to be a probiotic health drink?


Well, did you know many sacrifices are made when making bottled kombucha ‘shelf-stable’, the foremost and prominent ways used by many brewers to make commercial bottled kombucha shelf stable are…


❌ Artificial Sweeteners
❌ Artificial Preservatives
❌ Chemical Flavouring
❌ Irradiation
❌ Pasteurisation
❌ Micro filtering
❌ Diluting


….is it even Kombucha any more? Well, no, no it’s not.


Rest assured, our premium Kombucha makes no such sacrifice and the reason it must be kept refrigerated at all times!


Yes, It’s still better for you than a fizzy sugar soft drink but why settle for that when you can have 100% Live Kombucha containing all the benefits kombucha can offer.


Dive into the internet rabbit hole if you fancy a wild ride exploring the enchanting world of kombucha wonders and health boosts! There’s a galaxy of articles out there just waiting to spill the tea (pun intended) on all things fizzy, fermented, and fantastically good for you.

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