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Let’s say you currently stock bottled kombucha in your fridge that costs $1 per 100ml give or take a few cents which, equates to $10 per litre or $3 per 300ml bottle.



You’ll probably sell it for a maximum of $6 per bottle otherwise there is buyer resistance.



We can offer Live Kombucha on tap at a fraction of that price.



A Live Kombucha Brewing Co 19 litre keg is $65 + gst = $71.50



That’s $3.76 litre!



Served in a 300ml glass with 50gms of ice and 250ml of live kombucha equals 94c per drink.



Probably a better margin than anything sold in your entire venue.

The. Offer.

(First 10 accounts only)


We understand ‘time’s are tough’ and initial costings involved with setup of kegerator might not be feasible, given no sales guarantee. That’s why, for the for the first 10 clients, we will cover setup costs for the first 3months as a trial period. Click below and reserve your unit today!



See below turnover formula based on 4x19L kegs and a sale price of $4.70 per glass.



19 litre x 4 = 76 litres = 304 x 250ml glasses at *$4.70 each = $1428.80



*Example selling price



Don’t require a kegerator? Already have a spare tap on your draught system? maybe you would like to go through the wall of your cool room? There are many options available to get Live Kombucha on tap at your venue so just give us a call!

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*Please note we are currently only serving South Australian metro businesses.

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